At Jacaranda, life isn't about crunching in as many classes as possible with little regard for our clients. We believe life is about personal and social growth inside a robust and inclusive community.

Our varied selection of yoga, barre, and pilates classes can help increase mobility, improve strength and conditioning, or just help you relax. No matter what your fitness goals are, we can help you fulfill them. We are Jacaranda.


Drop-In $15
10-Class Punchcard $130
20-Class Punchcard $240
One Month Unlimited $135
3 Month Unlimited $365
Membership $125

(W/Monthly Auto-Renew *30 Day Cancellation Policy)

Discounts available for students, teachers, and non-profits

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Hot Vinyasa

During our Hot Vinyasa sessions, we focus on marrying breath (Ujjayi) with postures (Asanas). Each inhale and exhale is coupled with a pose or posture that aligns throughout the entire practice. Please note that this session is an athletic one and will test your endurance both mentally and physically. Ambient temperature will rise to between 85 and 90 degrees F to assist in the detoxification process and keep the muscles loosened. This is a demanding session, but do not be intimidated! Hot Vinyasa might just be the new experience you've been looking for.


We take our time to educate and cover the fundamentals of Ashtanga, including breath, movement and accurate posturing in each class. Ashtanga utilizes the same core structure of our Vinyasa classes but we slowly start introducing the Primary Series into our practice. Ambient temperature will rise to between 95 and 105 degrees F to assist in the detoxification process and keep muscles loose.

Malibu Iron Yoga

Our Malibu Iron session combines Vinyasa fundamentals with basic static weight training. This combination flawlessly bridges the gap between two cornerstone practices while establishing the foundation you need to grow your yoga skill set and providing a full-body workout. Please note that despite the inclusion of weight training, this class will not make you look big or bulky!

*The full Malibu Iron Yoga experience is exclusive to Jacaranda's studio. You won't find it anywhere else!

Gentle Yoga

A gentle yoga class designed for adults of any age, including those with minor physical ailments or who prefer a slower paced, more relaxed practice. In this class we focus on creating strength and widening range of motion in and around the joints as well as throughout the back and body. Gentle stretching, asana, and breath work keeps us limber in body and mind.


A calming and balancing practice that safely stretches the connective tissue for greater joint mobility. Using props to support us in this restful practice to reduce stress and anxiety in the mind and body, we simultaneously deepen our relaxation practice. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Benefits of Yin Yoga - Increased circulation, improved flexibility, relieved inflammation, release of fascia throughout the body, migraine relief and the ability to sit longer and more comfortably in meditation.

Restorative Yoga

Our Restorative session is a quiet and internally-focused practice. We begin with gentle movements to warm muscles and calm the mind and body in preparation for supported postures. Poses utilize props and are held for several moments, releasing muscular tension and enhancing breath awareness. Restorative yoga is meant to assist in achieving total relaxation. After attending this session, you should look forward to better sleep, digestion, a stronger immune system, and a more peaceful mind.

Hot Pilates

We've added heat to the basic principles of Pilates in this session. This is a full hour designed to fully target your abs, glutes, arms, and inner thighs all while remaining on your mat! Expect a full-body workout with a deep emphasis on core strengthening and toning. Your abs will thank you!

*Hot Pilates isn't offered anywhere else in Central Illinois.

Iron Pilates

We've taken our standard Hot Pilates principles, added a dash of H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) and sprinkled in some serious fat-burning sequencing that's going to keep your heart rate up and deliver the full-body results you're looking for. This is an all-levels, low impact, hybrid that will safely push you to your limits. If you're looking to break out of a mundane workout routine, needing to burn off some stress and ready to start seeing results - this is the class for you!

Malibu Barre

Our unique Malibu Barre class incorporates the best of Ballet positioning and Pilates principles into a single exhilarating session. This client-favorite is high-energy, low-impact, and packed with everything your body didn't know it needed! If you're looking for something new to break up your normal routine, this class is for you.

*The full Malibu Barre experience is exclusive to Jacaranda's studio. You won't find it anywhere else!

Hot Malibu Barre

Turn up the heat! Hot Malibu Barre features all of the exhilarating benefits of our normal Malibu Barre class, but with the warmth dialed up. We slow down the tempo so that you can take full advantage of the amazing detoxifying process that your body will enjoy in our hot/humid sessions.

*The full Hot Malibu Barre experience is exclusive to Jacaranda's studio. You won't find it anywhere else!

Booty Barre Express

This high-intensity session condenses the most loved (and hated!) movements from our Malibu Barre class into a power-packed 30 minutes. This class provides the "cardio fix" you're looking for, without the wear-and-tear that running inflicts on your body!

*Booty Barre Express isn't offered anywhere else in Central Illinois. Amp up your week with us!

Core Express

Jacaranda’s 30-min tummy tightening necessity! Our core is one of our body’s most important muscle groups. We’ve packed everything you need to alleviate back pain, correcting your posture and building the foundation of your healthiest body into this class. When crunches aren’t enough - we’ve got you covered!